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Hong Kong Easy Fund (HK Easy Fund) was established in 2016, focusing on serving Hong Kong SMEs and providing clients with one-stop professional consulting services for government funding applications.
Services cover various government funding programs (including TVP Technology Voucher Program, BUD Special Fund Application, SME Marketing Fund EMF, etc.). Provide one-stop fund support services in accordance with the time, including: consulting before application, assisting in preparing application documents, drawing up project plans, managing project progress, and providing consultation on acceptance criteria, etc.

Various government funded projects

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TVP Technology Voucher Program

The Technology Voucher Scheme launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission aims to enhance the technology application of Hong Kong SMEs, accelerate business development, increase corporate productivity, and reduce daily operating costs, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong SMEs

BUD Special Fund
-Mainland Project

In order to assist Hong Kong companies in marketing and brand promotion in Mainland China, the Hong Kong Productivity Council has set up an optimized version of the BUD Special Fund Mainland Program. The amount of funding has increased from HK$500,000 to 1 million in the previous policy address. Increased to two million yuan.

BUD Special Fund
-ASEAN Project

Following the BUD Mainland plan, the Hong Kong Productivity Council established the BUD Special Fund ASEAN Plan, which aims to assist Hong Kong companies in marketing and brand promotion in the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The amount is also in line with the Mainland plan.

Marketing Fund

The "SME Marketing Fund" is organized by the Trade and Industry Department to target groups of SMEs. Through a plan to promote SMEs to participate in more activities related to the export industry, Hong Kong can eventually expand its overseas market.

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We are a manufacturer and delivery service provider in the catering industry. In order to facilitate customers to place orders and facilitate colleagues to effectively manage every process from order to delivery, reduce misdelivery, missed delivery, early delivery and late delivery, and improve the overall customer experience. Yishifen consultants proposed to develop a Web based e-commence system combined with Mobile Apps delivery management system to become a complete online and offline online catering order management system. We initially applied for technology voucher funding by ourselves, but felt that the procedures were complicated and it was not easy to find a quotation. Until I met Yi Shifen consultant. The consultant explains in detail every detail, including the content of the funding, application qualifications, scope of application, matters needing attention, approval process and online business strategies. The most important thing is to help us successfully apply quickly, saving us a lot of time. Thank you Yishifen consultant.

Mr. Liu

We provide information and communication services. We have more than 30,000 customers and need an effective system to manage a wide range of customer information, quotations and sales opportunities, so as not to miss opportunities due to messy records, and we hope to provide customers with quality services more effectively. But we don’t know anything about technological systems. Fortunately, there are time-based consultants. They have a rich team of consultants. The team recommends that we develop a Web based CRM system to manage the entire customer relationship process in a unified manner. All customer data is centrally stored in the same database, which is convenient for assigning different types of active and inactive customers to suitable sales staff for follow-up.

Mr. Chen
Director of Sales

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