About HK EasyFund ConsultancyProfessional TVP and BUD Fund Adviser

About HK EasyFund Consultancy

Government funding advisory services

Hong Kong EasyFund Consultancy has been providing services since 2016, focusing on assisting Hong Kong SMEs and institutions, and providing clients with one-stop professional consulting services for government funding applications. As the brand name says, customers can get the Fund in time and easily (Easy)

Timely consulting services cover various government funding programs, including TVP Technology Voucher Program, BUD Fund Application, SME Marketing Fund EMF, etc. Provide one-stop fund support and consulting services on time, including pre-application consultation, assistance in preparing application documents, drawing up project plans, managing project progress, and providing consultation on acceptance criteria, etc.

With a team of professional consultants and a strong network of service providers in accordance with the time, not only can it assist customers in successfully applying for government funding, but more importantly, they can use them properly to enhance their competitiveness and grasp various business opportunities.

Why choose us

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There is a comprehensive IT consultant team, professional project managers and complete after-sales service follow-up services in accordance with the hour, so that each application case can be approved in the shortest time, and a 100% success rate, and all application materials Absolutely confidential.
We provide one-stop service to assist companies registered in Hong Kong to understand the operation of various government-funded funds, provide free preliminary consultation, evaluate the possibility of successful corporate applications, plan and write application forms, project management and financial management, etc. The professional team will follow up with customers in the whole process to obtain funding and promote business development.

Various government funded projects

4 top recommended government funds

TVP Technology Voucher Program

The Technology Voucher Scheme launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission aims to enhance the technology application of Hong Kong SMEs, accelerate business development, increase corporate productivity, and reduce daily operating costs, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong SMEs

BUD Special Fund
-Mainland Project

In order to assist Hong Kong companies in marketing and brand promotion in Mainland China, the Hong Kong Productivity Council has set up an optimized version of the BUD Special Fund Mainland Program. The amount of funding has increased from HK$500,000 to 1 million in the previous policy address. Increased to two million yuan.

BUD Special Fund
-ASEAN Project

Following the BUD Mainland plan, the Hong Kong Productivity Council established the BUD Special Fund ASEAN Plan, which aims to assist Hong Kong companies in marketing and brand promotion in the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The amount is also in line with the Mainland plan.

Marketing Fund

The "SME Marketing Fund" is organized by the Trade and Industry Department to target groups of SMEs. Through a plan to promote SMEs to participate in more activities related to the export industry, Hong Kong can eventually expand its overseas market.