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Various government funded projects

4 top recommended government funds

Technology Voucher Scheme

The Technology Voucher Scheme launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission is aimed at improving the application of technology by small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong, enabling entrepreneurs to understand the importance of technology for business development, including increasing the productivity of enterprises, etc.

BUD Special Fund-Mainland Project

In order to promote the business relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China, the Hong Kong Productivity Council has established an optimized version of the Mainland Plan to assist Hong Kong companies in the development of Mainland China. This plan is to increase the funding amount from 500,000 to 1 million yuan for each project in the past. .

BUD Special Fund-ASEAN Project

The ASEAN plan of the Hong Kong Productivity Council was established to strengthen the influence of Hong Kong's non-listed companies in the ASEAN market. The ASEAN market includes Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. It is hoped that through the flower plan, their business can develop rapidly.

SME Marketing Fund

The "SME Marketing Fund" is organized by the Trade and Industry Department to target groups of SMEs. Through a plan to promote SMEs to participate in more activities related to the export industry, Hong Kong can eventually expand its overseas market.